Month: February 2014

A modeller of Olympian skills

Every once in a while, I’ll visit the amazing blog of a modeller, Kostas Katseas, who must be one of the best in the world. – it’s inspiring to see the amount of detail, the artistry and the craftmanship which goes into each of his models.

You can also find his models featured on and, two of the premier modelling sites on the Interweb.

In fact, do a Google image search – you will be awestruck. Time to fire a salvo of congratulations and respect.


A battle worth watching

Just a quick post to add some more exciting content – if you’re interested in the Battle of Jutland, where HMS Iron Duke fought her one and only battle, watch a very interesting documentary series from Channel 4 in the United Kingdom.

The Battleships – Jutland: clash of the Dreadnoughts is well worth a watch.