In port photography No. 2

At last, I return to port and submit the following mission brief – I have completed painting the hull. I am quite happy that it has come up as it has – see below photos.



I finally have painted the black Plimsoll line the correct height and, while using a brush, was generally happy with the overall look of the paint after it dried. Maybe one day I’ll get an airbrush.

It’s taken me a while to get back to this blog with many home and work distractions but I have been reading some excellent naval history lately to make up for my lack of time in port working on HMS Iron Duke.

73 North, by Dudley Pope, tells the story of the Battle of the Barents Sea in World War II. This is a well-researched book that tells how British destroyers held off two powerful German cruisers, the Admiral Hipper and the Lutzow, for three hours while protecting a vital convoy to the Soviet Union.

The destroyers took heavy damage but bravely challenged the German cruisers until help arrived in the form of two Royal Navy cruisers, HMS Sheffield and Jamaica, whose unexpected attack on the Nazi ships forced them to retreat back to Norway.

Their failure to successfully sink any of the convoy caused Hitler, in one of his more bizarre decisions, to scrap the German fleet.

Back to the ship – the next task to glue some plastic card to the inside of the hull so you can’t see through the portholes. Then I have to complete the deck by painting the housing and facings with the dark grey hull colour. This will be time-consuming and fiddly but I will be using masking liquid to help me.



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