HMS Iron Duke HMS Nelson HMS Warspite USS Nimitz Admiral Graf Spee

Fleet review part 1 … an occasional series

Having returned from the seaside, I have been busy preparing for a journey to Melbourne and haven’t resumed work on HMS Iron Duke as yet, however, I thought some photos of my completed models would fill the void for you, dear reader.


In this photo, above, you can see, from left, (clockwise):

  • HMS Duke of York,  British battleship
  • USS Nimitz, American super-carrier
  • Admiral Graf Spee, German pocket battleship (or heavy cruiser)
  • HMS Nelson (in the centre), British battleship
  • HMS Warspite, British battleship.

There are stories associated with the building of each model, which I will tell in subsequent posts in this series, including why there is an aircraft carrier in this fleet. I will also include some information on the history of each vessel.

Their base is a display case, kindly given to me by my friend, John Perryman, who is one of the Royal Australian Navy’s senior historians. When the Iron Duke is completed, I will have to come up with another solution as I don’t think she will fit inside the case, which has a clear perspex cover. 

The next post will be an update on the Iron Duke’s progress. Galactica clear!